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Chef Novy Lodder on Bloomberg TV for Sunrise Club Breathwork!

Is breathwork the new yoga?

Every Tuesday at 5.15am a group of amazing people hike up a hill to watch the sunrise and learn how to breath better. This has been an amazing part of my life and has helped me loose weight and more importantly control the stresses every chef encounters cooking on a daily basis.

I was lucky to play a small role in this feature on Bloomberg Quicktake alongside Aigul Safiullina of Respita Breathwork our guru and my husband Jo Lodder , along with the others who joined that morning. This piece covers beyond the (obvious) mental & physical health benefits of breathwork.

Check out the link below to watch the whole video:

Authentic Indonesian Chef - Novy Lodder

has an absolute passion for everything related to food. From foraging in the beautiful Lantau Island countryside to hand planting her own produce in her own garden. Every meal she has personally designed herself, with all her menus influenced by her Indonesian heritage & her mum's home cooking. Her joy and passion flow through everything she touches and when you eat her food you know that it has been made with love!

Tel: +852 5607 6974

Make Your Breath Your Superpower

I help high achievers to live their best life with the power of their own breath. Aigul is a certified breathwork coach with over 1,200 hours of formal training accredited by Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBPA) in a range of different breathing methods - from stress management and performance breathwork to rebirthing, vivation and pranayama.


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