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Thank you Lantau Base Camp for a lovely interview - check it out here!

Our interview with Novy Lodder: incredible chef, amazing photographer, and a key part of Lantau Sunrise Club.

How did you come to Lantau and why did you stay? (note my husband Jo Lodder had a big part)

I arrived in Mui Wo in 1999 but only stayed for 1 week and then since 2012 and never moved. I always love outdoors activities like hiking to see the sunrise and sunset every day. They give me different levels of energy and pleasure also to clear the toxic in my brain, too. I also love paddling, or kayaking as I can reach the little beaches that we cannot access by foot. It’s very interesting to see what is there.

I'm hiking everyday now to half DB as I was overweight 5 months ago and I need to lose some weight that's why I joined breath work (Lantau Sunrise Club), and now I'm going everyday for sunset.

Lantau is amazing...I love the community and the outdoors activities here, as we have mountains, waterfalls, and the beach ...I cannot ask for more

What is your favorite trail/spot in Lantau and why

It is actually Sunset Peak it’s beautiful...and you can continue to Lin Fa Shan. We can see our house from the top

What got you going and how did you sustain it?

My job is quite stressful as I'm dealing with people every day, that's why hiking really helps me as I don't have to talk to people. Seeing nature is good for my eyes and makes me more positive and get new ideas as to what is my next step. Also, I don't want to be a fatty chef to be honest

So people, even for the hike on Monday are reluctant to join the group because they think they will be too slow/out of shape/slow it down.

Do you have any advice for them?

I'm the same before, I was out of the shape so I started earlier. I'm going 20 minutes before they start but it’s actually not a race there, everyone will look after you. My advice is just start earlier if you are worried about slowing people down and when you get used to it you will flying up like a mountain goat .

Just try, join us and we will help and look after's not a race...and if they feel like this let us know and we can help by going earlier, so we take slow and carefull so that they don't feel embarrassed...I think some of the issues are the early start...I'm sorry I can't help with this as the sunrise is in the early morning

You have watched your husband Jo Lodder's journey to doing ultra races. Will you be a trail runner next?

Definitely no


Because he is a nut I'm enjoying my walk and not for racing, hiking for pleasure and to relax my mind. Hiking is my therapist ,

What is your advice for people on the couch?

Move your ass get out from the couch

Authentic Indonesian Chef - Novy Lodder

has an absolute passion for everything related to food. From foraging in the beautiful Lantau Island countryside to hand planting her own produce in her own garden. Every meal she has personally designed herself, with all her menus influenced by her Indonesian heritage & her mum's home cooking. Her joy and passion flow through everything she touches and when you eat her food you know that it has been made with love!

Tel: +852 5607 6974

Lantau Base Camp is Hong Kong's first trail running shop. We are the gateway to its largest island and "green lung." No matter how you want to enjoy it, we are ready support you: run, hike, water sports, cycling, guided experiences. Free advice always.


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