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Up for a challenge - I made it into the SCMP with Aigul and my husband!

Sunrise breathwork meditation and exercise on a Hong Kong hilltop combines fitness, mind and body detox, and a reset of your circadian clock

This is how I stay strong and confident when under pressure cooking my traditional Indonesian dishes - I can recommend to anyone out there as a great way to stay fit and relive stress.

Check out below the hard copy version and here for the online one - enjoy!

Authentic Indonesian Chef - Novy Lodder

has an absolute passion for everything related to food. From foraging in the beautiful Lantau Island countryside to hand planting her own produce in her own garden. Every meal she has personally designed herself, with all her menus influenced by her Indonesian heritage & her mum's home cooking. Her joy and passion flow through everything she touches and when you eat her food you know that it has been made with love!

Tel: +852 5607 6974

Aigul is a certified breathwork coach with over 1,200 hours of formal training accredited by Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBPA) in a range of different breathing methods - from stress management and performance breathwork to rebirthing, vivation and pranayama. She is also a Breathe™ Certified Coach trained under Dr. Belisa Vranich.


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